Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins

I listened to this one as an Audio Book. It’s long but in it, Goggins tells his history, and quite a history it is. This guy started out dealing with some serious crap and as a result, he has developed some serious callus’s both physically and emotionally. This is what he talks about in the […]

The Way Of Men – Jack Donovan

I’ve read this book twice now. Actually, the first time I read it, the second time I listened to it on Audible, read by the Author himself. This was one of the first books I read when I started down this path years ago. It seemed accurate at the time, it still does so I […]


Wanna-be rocker by night, IT Manager by day! I live in the big town of Rothesay, New Brunswick (pop. 11,659 in 2016), which is on the outskirts of Saint John, New Brunswick. I was born and raised in the area. Over the course of my career I’ve done just about every job you can think of in Information Technology […]

The Live Concert Experience

Nothing beats a live concert experience whether it’s your favorite musical genre or not. I love the feeling of the bass in my chest when a band starts ripping on a song in front of a live, screaming crowd.