50 Lifestyle Tips Every Man Should Consider

Here’s a handful of tips, tricks, and advice for the modern man. Whether you agree with all of it or just some, you’re sure to pick up a thing or two.

1. A handshake is worth more than an autograph or selfie.

2. No “good ideas” happen after 2am.

3. Spending $5 at a kid’s lemonade stand will make you ten times as happy as spending $5 at your local coffee shop.

4. Buy nice pieces of furniture one at a time and keep them for years.

5. Confidence and humor trump good looks every time.

6. When at a theme park, ask if you can sit in the front seat. You might have to wait five minutes longer, but it’ll always be worth it.

7. Never be afraid to put a wager on something with a friend, but always pay your debts immediately.

8. Pushing someone into a pool is never a good idea. Especially when you have to replace a $600 iPhone half the time.

9. When parking is tough, valet is almost always worth it. Keep some emergency tens in your glove compartment for times when you don’t have cash on you.

10. You’ll be happier and more confident in a clean car, regardless of the make and model, so try to get it washed as often as possible.

11. Your significant other will never tire of receiving flowers, but it’s best to do it right. Avoid the half hearted bouquet wrapped in see-through plastic with a grocery store sticker on it and build a relationship with a local florist instead.

12. If you catch a baseball at a ball game, never keep it for yourself. Find the youngest kid near you and toss it to him or her.

13. Always hold the door open.

14. A thoughtful handwritten thank you note goes an extremely long way.

15. Keychain and wallet–two things that should never be large and clunky.

16. Paying a little extra to get out of the cheap seats is almost always worth it.

17. When traveling, try to fully unpack. Hang your clothes in the closet and put your bag away. It’s easier to relax and be comfortable when you’re not living out of a suitcase.

18. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to the movies by yourself, especially if it’s a matinee.

19. There’s also nothing wrong with sneaking wine into the movies, unless it’s a matinee.

20. Investing in quality bed sheets, pillows, and bath towels is money well spent.

21. For most people, not everyone, it’s not worth having a serious girlfriend until after you graduate college. Summer flings should provide enough relationship experience.

22. Never use a selfie stick.

23. Starting your mornings with pushups before jumping in the shower is a great way to begin your AM.

24. Have a favorite band, a favorite song, a favorite book, and a favorite movie.

25. Invite people personally, not through Facebook or email.

26. Never attend a (post college) dinner party or house party without a gift for the host.

27. A graphic tee is (almost) always a bad idea. You’re essentially a walking advertisement.

28. Posting about politics on social media is only bad form if you’re rude, brash, or inconsiderate.

29. Few guys can pull off a goatee or mustache. Think you’re one of them?

30. If you’re unsure of the dress code, wear a suit.

31. There’s a big difference between playfully teasing her and just being rude.

32. Never buy a new car if you’re pulling in less than seven figures a year. Buy used or lease.

33. Never buy a car at night.

34. Avoid fast food at all costs.

35. Don’t drink calories.

36. Adding two dozens spammy hashtags to your Instagram post is for those who think their life isn’t good enough to get likes on its own.

37. Strippers are for lowlifes, even at a bachelor party.

38. With first dates, try something different than dinner and a movie, she’s done that song and dance a couple dozen times before.

39. DVR is good for a lot of things, but not for the big game.

40. Don’t ask her to marry you unless you’re 250% sure she’ll say yes.

41. Listening to non-fiction audiobooks when driving is a good way to take in a lot of useful information when you’d otherwise be subject to bad radio ads.

42. Tip well and treat servers and bartenders with massive amounts of respect.

43. Never be the center of attention on the dance floor if you’re the drunkest guy at the wedding.

44. Meet her at her door, not your car.

45. Always be reading a book.

46. Never talk about your gym routine or diet. Let the results speak for themselves.

47. Learn to cook a signature meal.

48. Never wear a suit off the rack. Taking it to your tailor is worth every penny.

49. Learn a thing or two about wine, it’s worth it.

50. Want what you have. That’s happiness.